Equipping musicians for missionary service
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  • It seems like a time warp. I was in Zimbabwe and now I'm home; what a shift. What a wonderful time in Zimbabwe!! To say that Walter and Ella and their family were gracious hosts is an understatement! We lived with them and worked with them, and quickly developed a deep appreciation for them. We were so warmly embraced by them and by the students. What a blessing and honor to have a part in teaching the mission mobilization team! It was a delight to share joyous worship with singing and dancing, that has a foundation of deep faith in God and commitment to His work.

    Our prayers were answered for...

  • Geoff--Zimbabwe 8-8-16:

    Today we had a full day. Instrument lessons, a songwriting class, and more instrument lessons. They have picked up the piano, violin, and guitar so well. The highlight was during lunch, a group took the chords they knew on guitar and grabbed some hand drums and made a new song and rap. Can't wait to upload it.

  • Erica–Zimbabwe 8-8-16: Today was great! We taught guitar, violin and piano for about 3 1/2 hours during the day, and many of the students made astounding progress. For the violin, we started by talking about how to hold the instrument, then started in “twinkle, twinkle, little star”, a great song for beginning violin.

  • Monday--After arriving late Sunday evening in Cameroon we spent Monday talking with the leadership of the team here and getting acclimated to our surroundings as best we could. It is a different lifestyle with different customs and traditions, but the hospitality has been great. Most of the day we worked on planning for the week and tried to get our schedule coordinated with everything that needs to be done this week. The weather is hot in the day and hot and muggy at night, but that was expected. As we get through more of the week I'm sure there will be some great experiences in store.



  • Monday-We arrived late into Cameroon. It was a tiring journey, but the inflight movies made it well worth it. Being already tired, it was tough to get adjusted to the new living situation, especially since jet lag was kicking in. Sleeping will prove difficult this week. The tropical heat along with the smog of the city makes it hard to relax and rest. Good thing I grew Florida. All this to say that I am excited to be here and start making friends and teaching music.


    Tuesday-I have met the team with delightful greetings. Some of them are extremely talented musicians, and I know I am going to l...