Equipping musicians for missionary service
Tuesday, April 23, 2019 1-615-477-3525


  • Pastor Alberto received a call from KAIROS Radio's Roldand Rios asking to have the WMM team as guests on his morning radio show. He was SO gracious with our Spanish-limitations and gladly conducted our part of the interview in English. We all 3 talked through how long we've been playing and how the World Music Mission is equipping musicians around the world. KAIROS radio now has new music  to play: Joal's 2008 CD "Reds, Yellows, and Green" and the World Music Mission's "Sounds of Heaven". He even had me play a few tunes live with the old acoustic and INSTANTLY listeners were texting him with t...

  • Alan from Charleston to Atlanta to Belize City, David from Nashville to Dallas where he met up with me on to Belize City...to then all be met and picked up by Pastor Charlie Joe Green and on to Orange Walk City, Belize to begin the weekend of teaching and exploring.

  • On Friday me, drummer buddy and WMM veteran David Burch and new-to-WMM bass player and worship leader (from the gorgeous beach city of Charleston) Alan Blunt all make our way to Belize to work with Mission Belize and Pastor Charlie Joe Green and many local pastors and musicians.