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Belize 2017

  • Down Down Up, Down Down Up....the rhythm is gonna getchya. Saturday in Santa Theresa village was a LOT dryer than Friday's rain soaked journey and experience. We got going a bit earlier, said a quick howdy with Charlie Joe to our innkeeper Duwane, snagged a killer breakfast of coffee, eggs and fry jacks (a fried slightly sweetened bread you dip in maple syrup--yep, they're gooooood!) and we were on our way to the jungle again.

  • I, IV, V--for the non-musical readers among us, those would be the named numerical identities of the 3 main chords used in a Western Music Major key: the 1 chord (the key you're playing in/ the dominant tonal center) and the 4th and 5th chord of the scale progression. Honestly it's not deep theory, it's not overly complicated; but when it's explained to a young musician and they "get it" it actually is a bit of an "of course!!" kind of moment. But...somebody has to teach it, show it, explain it, play it for that moment to ever arrive. Without the clarity from the theory, the ear will often div...

  • Ripple effect-- The opportunity that was presented to us today, was an opportunity to teach. It was an opportunity to plant seeds. An opportunity to spread the word. To give God.  It's possible that we could have started ripples today that could grow into future waves that wash over entire villages and regions.  Because the Lord is a multiplier. He takes what we bring to the table and meets needs that are far beyond the original offering. Don't believe me?  Check out John 6: 1-14.


    We taught music today to members of a small church located in the jungle. We taught guitar chords and basic music...