Equipping musicians for missionary service
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  • So, London. Wow, talk about blindly hitting the bulls eye! I had just been on a mission trip to Guatemala a few weeks before my London trip, seeking an education in evangelism but finding my compassion as a result. I really had no idea what God was going to do through me in the UK. I was expecting and prepared to lead worship but my thought was that God would probably have a lot more for me to do in London. I was right. 


    I got to stay  in West London. I had to do most of my travelling within London on my own via the bus, which I loved. My first official London mission trip experience was Yout...

  • Our family has now been in Southall for 6 months. It seems like only yesterday that we were trying to find our way in this strange new world, fresh off the airplane and waiting for our shipping container to arrive. In that time we have been very blessed by the relationships we have developed with some very special people.

    One family, the Mahi family, has been especially important in our lives. This Asian family of Christians came from a Sikh background and has been involved with our church family here for several years. On the first full night we were here in Southall, they showed up and welco...

  • This trip got the best of me… and I should only hope so! (The “situation” was no more than a 15 min. overtired but didn’t-want-to-go-to-bed-fit). I am honored to do what I get to do here and even at home–to take care of and dearly love children that God has placed in my path. I am especially humbled to know that I have the utmost trust of the parents of these amazing children.

  • As a worship leader it’s easy to get lost in the details: such as ensuring the best key for the congregation or making the transition between the songs just right. As leaders we’re rarely satisfied and often feel  that we haven't quite ‘gotten there’.

  • Randy

    Taught a basic audio class to a fine group of young people this afternoon at the New Life Masih Ghar Church. Explaining simple signal flow from microphone to speakers. They were very receptive and eager to learn. Feeling very privileged to share my knowledge with others around the world, all for the the glory of God and advancing His Kingdom!

    Very blessed to worship today with this culturally diverse congregation. After the service we were treated to their usual after service meal of traditional Indian cuisine.  Very lovely and friendly people who are not shy about striking up a conversation w...