Equipping musicians for missionary service
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  • I just realized I have blood smeared on my hand - I smashed a mosquito on the wall of my room. My face has bites all over it! But I can tell you that mosquito bites have been the very worst part of this trip! The rest of it has been full of joy and grace! Where have I seen God? Playing "Nirtz" (a card game) with kids from South Africa who live in Mozambique and an English boy who lives in Pakistan.

  • Some general insights from Alan–Day 1: started out with a wonderful european breakfast. So many of the mentors have vast mission field experience and the atmosphere is rich with comraderie and loving support.

  • Meet our friends, the World Harvest Team. These are the folks that our team went to Spain in June to serve at their company-wide conference in Islantilla Spain.

    They are an amazing bunch of folks, from the staff, based in Philadelphia that helped organize this huge international undertaking, to the folks on the field, serving the Kingdom every day in places around the world.

    These people came from all over the globe to worship together, to re-charge their batteries and to fill up on the Word. It was a humbling experience for us on the World Music Mission team to serve them through worship. We...

  • I was so fortunate to attend the Women’s Sharing and Prayer time at which Rosemarie Miller shared and gave a lesson on Hannah. I was very moved by the missionary women who were asked to give their testimonies.

  • As you know, I was unable to get on the internet most of the time while in Spain, so my blog posts are a week behind, however I wanted to still share with you. It was such a blessing to worship and fellowship with over 400 missionaries from all over the world including Vienna, Ireland, London, Uganda, and more. Through talks over dinner, in between sessions, and anytime I was able to, I gained so much knowledge and insights of the similarities and the differences of the spiritual culture around the world, as well as their needs.

    Missionaries in Chile expressed the need for the message of Grac...