Equipping musicians for missionary service
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  • I just realized I have blood smeared on my hand - I smashed a mosquito on the wall of my room. My face has bites all over it! But I can tell you that mosquito bites have been the very worst part of this trip! The rest of it has been full of joy and grace! Where have I seen God? Playing "Nirtz" (a card game) with kids from South Africa who live in Mozambique and an English boy who lives in Pakistan.

  • Some general insights from Alan–Day 1: started out with a wonderful european breakfast. So many of the mentors have vast mission field experience and the atmosphere is rich with comraderie and loving support.

  • On Sunday afternoon, while traveling to Sand Hill, we were able to take a 12 mile detour to the Mayan ruins at Altun Ha. Lest you think 12 miles is a quick blip to the left, check out David's Morning Commute video below and get a sense of the bumpy ride we faced that day too. It was a fascinating place, troubling in realizing how an entire civilization can worship false gods, but amazing to see what still remains in this part of the world.

  • Tonight we shared and played at church in Sand Hill, Belize. I played on a JUGGS drumset that has been fighting a losing battle with the air, humidity and elements. We didn't realize we would be coming here too, so I didn't bring a second full set of heads. I replaced the ripped snare drum head with the only drum head I had left. And as we were playing worship music for the congregants, mosquitoes were starting to show up all over the place as it was open air and the sun was going down. I came off the stage at one point to borrow a friend's bottle of bug spray. It helped a lot, so I got back b...

  • The World Music Mission has been blessed by our continued partnership with Instruments of Joy. They provide instruments to people who simply can't afford them AND to mission ventures, like ours, where they know they will be put in the hands of a person/church that will make great use of the guitar. Today, as we concluded our playing and teaching times in Belize, we were able to find two homes for two guitars.