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Kenya 2014

  • Ken – On the plane ride from Atlanta to Paris I met a young man named Zia. He is traveling to Bombay to attend the funeral of his best friend Krishna, who died in a motorcycle accident.  Although he is Hindu and I am a Christ follower, we managed to speak about life and death in a non-confrontational way.  I realized how vital the work of missionaries is in reaching the lost. The love they show reaches people like Zia. He mentioned the “gospel” music he had heard from friends, and I thank God for the gift of music. This common language opens many doors to speak of His great love.

    Allan–It was ...

  • ![Kenya-2014-Airport-departure.jpg](http://worldmusicmission.org/storage/app/uploads/public/592/565/f4e/592565f4ea3b2324575833.jpg)

  • Saturday 8:30 AM the Nashville members of the team met at BNA-Nashville International Airport–13 bags, 5 guitars in 4 cases (thanks Scott for the double gig bag borrow!!) and carry-ons galore! Once they checked in, we had a prayer circle and a photo op and they were off. Drummer Ken is winging it from Florida through Paris and will arrive in Nairobi at nearly the same time. Pray for ease of travel and connections and safety all around!

    Kenya 2014 Airport departure

    Charlotte (kneeling), Mary-Chris, Marilyn, Allan, Dan and Andy

    This is a significant team for the World Music Mission. This is the first team in our 5 y...

  • My First Mission Trip–Ok, it’s not really my first, but it is my first in over 30 years so it feels that way. Over the past decade I’ve been involved in dozens of mission trips with our student ministry dept, but always in a support role, being so busy with work, it seemed hard to go myself. I’ve raised funds, held silent auctions, checked in bags at the airport, helped pack supplies, and greeted those returning, but haven’t been on the field myself in a long time. Another thing I haven’t done in a long time is play my guitar. I’ve always had one or two around the house, but I tell people “my ...