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  • ITALY-David Post 3

    May 05, 2018

    I’m finally sitting down to write a post-trip update.  My last update was the night before the last day of the retreat.  On that final day I ended up getting a solid half-day of work in and was well enough rested to give me energy for not only the mo...

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  • BELIZE 2017–Jay–the WHY

    March 03, 2017
    We enjoyed an awesome time of teaching with the guys today. We were considering the role of scripture in our worship services. ...read more

  • BELIZE–Jay’s Wrap up

    March 03, 2017
    IT WAS AWESOME!!! We had lots of people dancing and singing the songs that they knew. ...read more

Mission Trips

  • Hi everyone. Our goal for this trip is give the knowledge we have (discipleship) so that it is taught to others in towns and villages in East Africa. I am happy to report it is effectively happening.

    It is now Thursday evening and we have been teaching for 8 hours a days since Wednesday to the wonderful Ugandan people. Over 100 students have been attentive in attendance to learn worship and music principles that will help them improve.  Our schedule has been jam packed. Sheila, Minister Brian and I spent the first day teaching about God's character and how to approach Him so we would set a goo...

  • June 15, 2015: First day for ministry in Uganda, I hit the ground running. Arriving after 27 hours of travel to the hotel about 1 am, to bed by 2 am after visiting with my host and up again at 7:30 am. A quick breakfast at the hotel with Samson from East African Gospel Mission and then travel to the church for ministry. 

    Uganda is as I remembered, the bustle of cars, busses, taxis and motorcycles all jammed into small roadways but somehow yielding to each other and somehow avoiding countless potential accident by mere inches. Women carrying large loads on their heads, possibly to sell at the m...

  • For me our first night in Uganda was surely a test of faith.  It's hard being the rookie on this World Music Mission team.  Kurt and I were met at the airport with open arms by the East African Gospel team. They drove us to the hotel in the middle of the city where a young man guarded the gate with a stick in his hand as his defense.  It was pitch black dark and I had a lizard in my bed in the room. There was no WiFi, no cellular service and the power even went out.  This is not like home. What a start to my journey!  But I must say that since that night, God has done some amazing things after...

  • We arrived safely in Kampala Uganda a day late due to a delay in our flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam. Looking back it was a blessing because we were able sleep eight hours after barely sleeping in our first leg. Brian and I were also able to go over some of the teaching we plan to do.

  • This trip got the best of me… and I should only hope so! (The “situation” was no more than a 15 min. overtired but didn’t-want-to-go-to-bed-fit). I am honored to do what I get to do here and even at home–to take care of and dearly love children that God has placed in my path. I am especially humbled to know that I have the utmost trust of the parents of these amazing children.