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  • ITALY-David Post 3

    May 05, 2018

    I’m finally sitting down to write a post-trip update.  My last update was the night before the last day of the retreat.  On that final day I ended up getting a solid half-day of work in and was well enough rested to give me energy for not only the mo...

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  • BELIZE 2017–Jay–the WHY

    March 03, 2017
    We enjoyed an awesome time of teaching with the guys today. We were considering the role of scripture in our worship services. ...read more

  • BELIZE–Jay’s Wrap up

    March 03, 2017
    IT WAS AWESOME!!! We had lots of people dancing and singing the songs that they knew. ...read more

Mission Trips

  • David has been keeping us all informed of their first day of travel....or not....all the gear checked in with only one bag over weight!!


    9 AM: Plane started rolling but had to turn back because of a mechanical issue. Waited ON the plane for 3 hours, now they let us off and say it's probably cancelled... stay tuned. Looking at this picture, you know it's never a good sign to see them opening it up!!


    5 PM: After 8 hours of waiting it finally looks like we'll leave on our original plane at 3 AM. Not sure about when we might actually get to Nepal. The Lord is good and has good reasons for not wa...

  • "So, the reason I'm calling today is to see if you'd be willing and available to go to Kathmandu, Nepal."

    And so the conversation began with Randy Gardner a few months back. He, of course, being the grizzled World Music Mission veteran that he is and being one who listens to the Holy Spirit's promptings, agreed to lead our team. And TOMORROW the three guys begin their journey--Randy and David from Nashville and Sam from Minneapolis, meeting for an overnight in Philadelphia and then a Friday AM jaunt across the globe through Doha, Qatar into Kathmandu, Nepal.

    We and they covet your prayers for ...

  • Wow! Chile! What a blessing to be here! Pastor Franklin here in Quillota, Chile said that the last time they had a music conference in this area was about 20 years ago.

  • Last days in Kenya and Coming home….Saturday at the SLC started with a typical schedule.  Breakfast at 7am, band rehearsal at 7:45.  The times of leading in worship were a bit bittersweet.Knowing that the next day we would be leaving was laying heavy on my heart.  We led worship as normal and after the last session, I cried.  I did so for multiple reasons. I was thinking that we did not have any additional times of worship, which saddened me.  Also, the emotions of serving these folks and hearing their stories.  Add to the list the desire of my heart to be able to sing and minister as ...

  • This week has been yet another great experience. I've really learned a good bit about trust and understanding I don’t make things happen but God does. That’s my main takeaway.

    To expand on that to the fullest extent would be hard to contain in a single post, but there’s one story of God’s work that I will share. I had heard from a couple of people that one of the office workers from Nairobi was an excellent singer and should sing a song in the worship time. Now I’ve never heard this person sing, so I was at least leery of the prospect, but she came up and asked and I worked out a spo...