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  • BELIZE 2017–Jay–the WHY

    March 03, 2017
    We enjoyed an awesome time of teaching with the guys today. We were considering the role of scripture in our worship services. ...read more

  • BELIZE–Jay’s Wrap up

    March 03, 2017
    IT WAS AWESOME!!! We had lots of people dancing and singing the songs that they knew. ...read more

  • BELIZE--Jay's Wrap up

    February 02, 2017

    As our time in Belize wrapped up a number of people asked me what impacted me most, what stuck with me after all we had done and experienced. Each time I had the same instantaneous visual fill my mind. It was a beautiful internal collage of the peopl...

    ...read more

Mission Trips

  • My First Mission Trip–Ok, it’s not really my first, but it is my first in over 30 years so it feels that way. Over the past decade I’ve been involved in dozens of mission trips with our student ministry dept, but always in a support role, being so busy with work, it seemed hard to go myself. I’ve raised funds, held silent auctions, checked in bags at the airport, helped pack supplies, and greeted those returning, but haven’t been on the field myself in a long time. Another thing I haven’t done in a long time is play my guitar. I’ve always had one or two around the house, but I tell people “my ...

  • To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I’ve made this trip twice before and in some sense it’s like going home for a few days. In another sense it’s frightening because it’s going to be a whole different experience without Joal leading.

    From the band’s perspective, I’m the leader. I’ve got some fun guys to work with and a lady with a beautiful voice to help round us boys out. We’ve rehearsed and rehearsed and I know there are some sore fingers and maybe throats. This weekend is going to be extra special as we’ll have the University of Florida’s percussion prof, Ken, Â join us for one b...

  • I moved to Nashville in 1994 to be involved in the Christian music industry. My friends and family encouraged me and so I moved. I soon became disillusioned and for various reasons, I buried the dream of ministering to people through music. I was sure I had buried the desire for good.Fast forward to Fall of 2012. Through a series of events, God began to work in my heart and life. I began to pray that God would sweep through my life like a hurricane and overwhelm me. I didn't care how or what He did as long as His purpose was accomplished. Then, as only God can do, He brought my desire to minis...

  • The fruit during the trip was quite abundant,and the long term need for World Music Mission continues to be confirmed. Â Below is a report of how the time went and the future needs. Ken Debelius,who builds live sound systems for churches across America, accompanied me to help with the sound. This was the first time World Music Mission (WMM) had gone to Cameroon. This fits me well because my role is to go to new places that are asking for our help.

  • The decision to go was not a difficult one for me. I know a few of the people who make this trip regularly, so any fears or concerns I might have had otherwise are not that scary. I prayed about it, discussed it with my wife, and we decided it was a good way for me to serve. The attack at the Nairobi mall recently shook us up a little bit, but overall making the decision was the easy part.