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  • ITALY-David Post 3

    May 05, 2018

    I’m finally sitting down to write a post-trip update.  My last update was the night before the last day of the retreat.  On that final day I ended up getting a solid half-day of work in and was well enough rested to give me energy for not only the mo...

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  • BELIZE 2017–Jay–the WHY

    March 03, 2017
    We enjoyed an awesome time of teaching with the guys today. We were considering the role of scripture in our worship services. ...read more

  • BELIZE–Jay’s Wrap up

    March 03, 2017
    IT WAS AWESOME!!! We had lots of people dancing and singing the songs that they knew. ...read more

Mission Trips

  • Praise the Lord! For me there has been two highlights of our trip. The first thing was being able to hear the young kids of East African Gospel celebrate the Goodness of God in there own Language and in English. The second thing was our visitation to Mekere University. Now this was very powerful.  The students were so gentle but yet powerful when they spoke about the Glories of God. Their worship was authentic and their songs held deep meaning. We was escorted around campus by a young man named Badru Senfuka and he was such a great hostess. I meet Badru on our first journey to Uganda and our r...

  • There's something special about these trips. It seems that may faith is strengthened because I get it connect with individuals in East Africa who do not have major connections this worldly system. What do I mean? It's as if the Ugandans spend all there days living in survival mode. This is Round 2 for me and I am very thankful to be back in Uganda. Sunday was absolutely amazing. We had church fellowship at Brian and Edith Ssali's house. The kids at their home almost sung me into heaven. The singing, food and fellowship was absolutely awesome. Kevin, Kurt, Anthony and myself were asked to share...

  • Today marked the halfway point of the World Music Mission Kampala Conference. We have seen such a great response already from everyone involved. Another busy day of teaching and breakout groups was in store for today.

    Before all the action started, however, I had a mini-adventure in the early hours of the day. I was awake early again, which has been a regular occurrence this week. At first, I thought I would just take a walk around the hotel grounds, and leave my camera behind. But as I began my stroll, I took an unexpected turn. I decided to leave the hotel, and explore at least a little bit ...

  • The second day of the World Music Mission Conference is in the books. Our team gathered together late last night to discuss what worked and how we could improve on the first day. I’m pleased to say that we put our ideas into action and had a successful day! We saw many new faces today, and again the Spirit of God was among us.

    wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0001_160922 wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0002_160922

    Pastor Brian built on the foundation he laid yesterday on the topic of discipleship. I especially appreciated his analogy of walking alongside another person. It was a powerful visual example of what true discipleship looks like: putting our arm around a fellow brother...