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Uganda 2015

  • To World Music Mission Through the Executive Director Joal Devendorf


    Precious greetings to you in Jesus’ Name, we bring you greetings from East African Gospel. Once again, we come to this very special time to express our heartfelt appreciation to World Music Mission. On behalf of the EA Gospel Planning committee and Uganda artists, Please accept our sincere appreciation for the outstanding music seminar. Judging from the comments of those who attended, the training was very successful. Most of the credit goes to World ...

  • Monday and Tuesday we spent recording a song that was written with the team members of World Music Mission and East Africa Gospel. It was a great pleasure to see the song turn out so well.  We spent a short amount of time over three nights and the investment paid off. It has multiple African languages and English words and has a very strong African feel.

  • The students came from many parts of Uganda and Africa. Some walked great distances, Some by bus for 12 hours and some from different states, all to get knowledge that they are thirsty for.  Most live very modest lives, can't access information and have very limited resources.  I am blessed to pass on the information that others have taught me about music and worship while living in Nashville/Franklin and Los Angeles. I have been reminded that God uses all we learn to bless others and grow His work in the earth.

    Our charge to the students was to take the knowledge they were given, learn it and...

  • The second day of the conference is over already. What a thrill it is to hear that the sessions have had an impact and the numbers of people attending the sessions to learn keeps growing. We are teaching on a variety of subjects throughout the conference from Bible training and leadership to practical sessions in music, all related in some way to music. Yesterday and today the sessions including: Who Do we Worship, Authentic Leadership, How to Build a Team, Leading Worship, Learning Guitar, Learning Keyboard, Vocal Training, and Songwriting. Musicians, singers, dancers, leaders, and pastors al...

  • Praise the Lord! Or in Ugandan, Mokama Yay...... What and encouraging time to be here! My day started out earlier this morning as a few of the students were asking for extra time to work on the songs that they are writing.