Equipping musicians for missionary service
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SPAIN 2013 – Carlene 06/06/13: Global Spiritual Culture

As you know, I was unable to get on the internet most of the time while in Spain, so my blog posts are a week behind, however I wanted to still share with you. It was such a blessing to worship and fellowship with over 400 missionaries from all over the world including Vienna, Ireland, London, Uganda, and more. Through talks over dinner, in between sessions, and anytime I was able to, I gained so much knowledge and insights of the similarities and the differences of the spiritual culture around the world, as well as their needs.

Missionaries in Chile expressed the need for the message of Grace to be shared and taught there.  There is widespread legalism in the church where Christians feel the need to make sacrifices to earn their salvation.  They would like to have musicians who can come and train their musicians in worship music which reflects Grace-filled songs.  I expressed that I can identify with this strongly since I was in a legalistic situation for many years and received the message of Grace about 4 years ago, which was the beginning of an unleashing of increased spiritual activity and prophetic gifting within me, as well an understanding of my true identity in Christ which has profoundly changed my spiritual perception and walk.

I recently received a word from a sister in Singapore who told me that I should write more songs about grace. As I was talking to this missionary from Chile, I felt a strong connection between the word I was given about writing grace-filled songs and the church’s need to hear them. I received a word from above that I should go ahead and start writing songs about grace in preparation for a mission trip to Chile. I would like to go on the trip and share these songs as well as my heart, especially with the women there.

Ashley and Carlene

When you hear the word missionary, often what is visualized is associated with third world countries, rural neighborhoods, etc.  The more I talked to the missionaries, the more I am reminded that this stereotype is so far from the truth.  Sadly to say, there are many established countries globally where Christianity is becoming extinct and is often the minority in some cultures. There are Western countries, even our own country, where Christians are living in spiritual bondage and have not yet been able to receive and understand the message of grace and the “Finished Work of Christ”, experiencing the “Freedom in Christ” that Paul talks about in Romans.

These conversations have given me the awareness of where we truly stand in evangelizing, or in some cases, re-evangeling the world.  It is so encouraging to see these missionaries go out on faith and live out their calling. Whether oversees or right here in America, as Christians we are all called to some degree to be missionaries by sharing our heart for God, and truly loving each other, under all circumstances.