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SPAIN 2013 – Carlene Amazing Women of Faith

I was so fortunate to attend the Women’s Sharing and Prayer time at which Rosemarie Miller shared and gave a lesson on Hannah. I was very moved by the missionary women who were asked to give their testimonies.

I was in tears the entire time with one lady in particular, whose story resonated in my heart, as I made similar connections with some things I am currently experiencing. I was deeply moved by all three women’s faith and reliance on God to intently listen to want he wanted from each of them and to bravely follow that course. They are living examples of deciding to live life through the unseen. I was also blessed to have two sisters sitting next to me; we prayed over each other afterwards. One sister is serving in Uganda and she mentioned something in her prayer about dancing with the Lord, without knowing how this was key in playing an instrumental part in my living out a new-found, deeper intimacy with God. It was also the inspiration for which I wrote the lyrics to my first song, which I previously talked to Kurt (Worship Team Leader) in Gainesville about him helping me put it to music. I told this to the sister and she said, “Well then you should finish the song and come back and sing it for us”, which I knew was a word from God.

I expressed to Brent (Worship Team Co-Leader) my heart to share with other women what the Lord is showing me as I continually receive the knowledge of grace, which has produced in me a deeper understanding of my true identity in Christ and how God really sees me as his precious daughter, his Princess. This has profoundly given me a keener perception of so many things, as well as a renewed confidence in my walk with God. God has been moving me in the direction of leading worship and sharing these insights and more especially with women. He has given me a vision to travel doing women’s conferences. I know that this trip was the beginning of many more to come, which I would like to partake as I see God leading me. I am humbled and thankful for the opportunity to worship and fellowship with my worship team members and with the missionaries, which whom I have new friendships and insightful connections on how God is using each of them to evangelize their specific territories.