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SPAIN 2013 – Brent: Friends Whom We Served

Meet our friends, the World Harvest Team. These are the folks that our team went to Spain in June to serve at their company-wide conference in Islantilla Spain.

They are an amazing bunch of folks, from the staff, based in Philadelphia that helped organize this huge international undertaking, to the folks on the field, serving the Kingdom every day in places around the world.

These people came from all over the globe to worship together, to re-charge their batteries and to fill up on the Word. It was a humbling experience for us on the World Music Mission team to serve them through worship. We were honored to be invited to the conference and blessed when we got there.

To hear almost 400 voices raised in praise together after many arrived starved for corporate worship was a powerful experience for all of us. Personally, I remember some of the most moving moments of the week coming at times when I wasn’t playing a note. Rather, those moments came as I listened to their voices raised in TRUE praise and worship, with their hearts behind every note and word they sang.

A very special blessing that each member on the team carried home with them was that of new friendships that were begun and were nurtured during our time with WHM. All of us made contact with people that we will stay in touch with. People who inspired us, reached out to us and shred their hearts with us.

One moment that I will always remember is a late night that I spent with four of the men from WHM. As they shared their stories and jokes with me, I laughed until my face actually hurt. These 4 guys were not only some of the funniest people I have ever met, but they were also gracious and inclusive to welcome me into their group of friends. I really felt a part of a special circle. And I received a gift I didn’t know that I needed. A moment of joy and laughter so intense I almost hurt myself enjoying.

If you think all missionaries are stodgy and serious all the time, I have four guys you need to meet that will prove that to be a misconception.

For that moment of joy, for the humbling moments of worship and for welcoming us into your very special group, I want to thank all of our friends at World Harvest.

Our team truly came home with more than we arrived with. THANK YOU!!!