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CAMEROON 2013–Joal posting for Ken and Kurt 10-09-13

From Kurt: We have an internet connection now. We will be playing at our first church of many tonight. We’ll be inviting people to the worship training on Friday and Saturday; several events scattered throughout the week and then a big concert on Friday with Festi Gospel Jam. Pray for us. And Thank You to everyone who gave. You will be giving into the lives of 150 musicians who will be going back to their congregations more equipped to lead their people in worship. We are already making an impact. The pictures are from where we are staying and of some bulls running through the street.

The Bulls in the streets of Yaoude

Ken sent a text that the internet is a bit slow but the guys were invited to lead worship at 2 churches Wednesday night–Winners Chapel and Living Word. Here’s a photo from one of them.

Cameroon 8

Joal here: The following are some photos of the folks Kurt and Ken are working with. The Bass Player is Serges Pappibass, the founder of the Festi Gospel Jam and the very reason Kurt and Ken went to Yaounde.

Serges and Kurt

One of the Wednesday worship services

Cameroon 1