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KENYA 2014-Ken’s journey and Allan is practicing 01-20-14

Ken – On the plane ride from Atlanta to Paris I met a young man named Zia. He is traveling to Bombay to attend the funeral of his best friend Krishna, who died in a motorcycle accident.  Although he is Hindu and I am a Christ follower, we managed to speak about life and death in a non-confrontational way.  I realized how vital the work of missionaries is in reaching the lost. The love they show reaches people like Zia. He mentioned the “gospel” music he had heard from friends, and I thank God for the gift of music. This common language opens many doors to speak of His great love.

Allan–It was beneficial to have some rest after the trip was over. Most of us adjusted to Kenya time fairly well. The band was able to rehearse a couple of times, which was necessary because we haven’t played with Ken in months. We stopped by the SIM office this afternoon; Â I enjoyed seeing where the Crowders work when they’re here. We walked back to the guesthouse from there, stopping in a couple of shopping areas. I enjoyed a great cup of Kenyan coffee. While walking, I tried to take in everything we saw–men and women in dressy work clothes, children wrestling and running around bare footed, merchants selling sugar cane on the side of the road–it is very different than any place I’ve been before.