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KENYA 2014–Charlotte 01-21-14

We left Nashville on 1/18/14 to set out for the Spiritual Life Conference in Kenya. We had over 16 hours of flight time spread across two days. We arrived in Kenya Sunday evening shortly after after 8pm Kenya time. Stepping off of a plane outdoors rather than walking down a ramp to directly to the terminal was my first surprise. We then rode the bus to the terminal where we waited in long lines for our Visas. We picked up our luggage and changed our money. Boy, you feel rich when you change US dollars to Kenyan Shillings! My next surprise was when we left the airport and there was a soldier complete with rifle standing at the gate. We get so used to our routine we forget how blessed we are with our freedom.

We arrived late at our first stop in Nairobi. We arrived at Hibiscus, a wonderful little guest house. The people are very warm and friendly. They treat us very well. The food, while different is actually quite good. I am loving the vegetables! It was a first to eat goat meat.

We’ve had a chance to walk the local streets and visit some local markets. In doing so, I am suddenly struck at the similarities I can find in the Kenyan culture and that of the United States. You have an idea that you’ve learned from National Geographic magazines which is so different than what you find. I am amazed that I find even half way around the world people are still the same. They get up, go to work, they shop for their families and go about their business. Yes, the surroundings may be different, but we still go about our lives in the same way, wanting the same sorts of things. I really don’t find that I feel as if I am among strangers in a strange culture. I find that I don’t feel much different than if I were in a different town in the United States. The surroundings are a bit different, but the people are much the same as me.

I am also struck at the open attitude to Christianity. I am equally struck at the immense need for many others to come to know the Lord as their Savior. I am reminded of the words to a song "The other side of the world is not so far away as I once thought it was... (Rich Mullins)

I am anxious to see the many experiences that lie ahead as we begin our ministry.

Charlotte Jones