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23 Jan KENYA 2014–Marilyn 01-23-14

It's Wednesday night and we are at Brackenhurst. We left Hibiscus this morning after breakfast and got here in time for lunch. It feels very much like when I was a girl and every summer I would go to Camp Wintaka that feeling of excitement when you see the first sign of camp, and then the bus turns down the lane that leads to camp, and then you drive through the gates! Yea!

In case you don't know, this is my fourth year at SIM-SLC. I have seen many old friends and have met a few new ones, too. It is so good to reconnect, especially with the women that I have gotten to know over the years. Sandy and I were just sharing aging parents stories. I follow her on Facebook and get her ministry letters, but this kind of conversation is best done face-to-face with hugs.

I have reunited with most of the kids and they are excited for Kids Camp to start tomorrow. William, 3 years old, told me that we will play tomorrow and we will have goldfish! Every year, the Tennessee team brings a suitcase of goldfish crackers to serve for snack obviously, the kids enjoy the special snack, if William remembers them from last year! Joshua asked if I had bubbles again this year, which of course, I do.

I am sitting at a table in the lounge, looking out the window as I type. There are sparks drifting out of the chimney in the building next to me. Is God speaking to me through them? They come out of the chimney in a burst but quickly fade away. I think that they are like this week "My time here is like when the sparks fly out, but I will leave and this week of serving and the awareness of holiness that I have here will fade, but I know that there is a fire that burns within me that God has lit through SIM-SLC. I don't think that fire is going to go out any time soon! At least, I pray that it doesn't.

Well, it's time for bed. My alarm will go off at 5:30 AM so that I can get up and turn on the switch for the hot water. I’ll go back to bed and Charlotte will get up around 6:30 to take a hot shower (we hope it's hot!) Then I'll get up and spend the day playing with my young friends. God is good! Sweet dreams!... Marilyn