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KENYA 2014–Andy 01-26-14

This week has been yet another great experience. I've really learned a good bit about trust and understanding I don’t make things happen but God does. That’s my main takeaway.

To expand on that to the fullest extent would be hard to contain in a single post, but there’s one story of God’s work that I will share. I had heard from a couple of people that one of the office workers from Nairobi was an excellent singer and should sing a song in the worship time. Now I’ve never heard this person sing, so I was at least leery of the prospect, but she came up and asked and I worked out a spot for her just before the speaker. No big deal, right?

She told me the name of the song- I Surrender. I wasn’t familiar with it and told her she would either have to sing a capella or find someone to provide accompaniment. I was still reluctant to give up “MY” stage to someone I had no clue about, but I keep hearing trust in the back of my mind.

Within just a couple of minutes the speaker here at the conference asked me if I could do a song at the end of his message that morning. He really wanted something strongly on the theme of surrender. I was blown away. I told him I had nothing but I knew someone who did. I explained this to the singer and she was blown away as well- no one outside of me had any knowledge of what she was singing prior to that time- no one.

Needless to say she sang beautifully and the song fit perfectly into the speaker’s message and timing. I’m not always sure how God is working and what He’s up to but this time He showed me very clearly and explained that I really need to learn to trust Him.