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KENYA 2014–Charlotte 01-28-14 “Now that we’re home….”

Last days in Kenya and Coming home….Saturday at the SLC started with a typical schedule.  Breakfast at 7am, band rehearsal at 7:45.  The times of leading in worship were a bit bittersweet.Knowing that the next day we would be leaving was laying heavy on my heart.  We led worship as normal and after the last session, I cried.  I did so for multiple reasons. I was thinking that we did not have any additional times of worship, which saddened me.  Also, the emotions of serving these folks and hearing their stories.  Add to the list the desire of my heart to be able to sing and minister as a full time service, and I was unable to hold back.  I prayed for one more time to worship with these servants.Turns out there was a Sunday morning communion service which I did not realize was on the schedule.  God granted me the additional chance to sing and worship just one more time in Kenya. I consider that it was an answer to prayer, even if it was already on the schedule, and I just didn’t notice it!

Saturday night the power went out…and did not come back on until mid morning on Sunday.  It was an adventure trying to take a COLD, COLD, COLD shower. Don’t make the error of thinking the cold water would be warmer than ours just because Africa is a warmer climate. I can assure you it was very COLD!  The building that housed the dining hall had a generator, so there was power on in that building.  It was a chilly walk over to dry my hair after a cold shower on Sunday morning…but you do what you have to!

Sunday was a bit of a blur.  The communion service was awesome!!  How wonderful to be able to take communion with brothers and sisters from around the world who are all serving the one true God!  After the services there were many goodbyes and photos, along with a few tears.  We had lunch, and relaxed for a few minutes before the busses arrived to take us back to Nairobi. The bus ride back gave us a few extra minutes to be with some of the SIM folks.  When we reached Nairobi, we had to say final goodbyes to our new friends.  Later that night we loaded onto the red eye flight to Amsterdam which began a long and tiring journey home.

I have now been home for 24 hours.  My mind is tired and emotional. It was a good choice to not work today. My mind reels….I dread going back to the day to day grind.  After being able to lead in worship, my heart wants so badly to be able to do this full time.  The day to day struggles seem so trivial compared to being used by God for His purposes.  I try to remind myself that we can be used anywhere and in any circumstance.  Still my heart feels a longing to serve and minister through song all the time…  I look at these folks, who are normal folks, just like everyone, yet they have given their lives to live for Christ.  They give up so much, yet they don’t seem to miss creature comforts.  It makes me think how out of whack life seems to be.  We work and strive to earn lots of money to buy an excess of stuff, which we can not take with us and has no eternal value.  Yet there seems to be such a better purpose to which we could put our hard earned dollars…  I don’t mean to suggest we live on nothing or that God doesn’t give us comforts to enjoy, but maybe we worship the creature comforts more than the creator. I know I am guilty of this many times. This experience just makes me think that my priorities might just be a little out of balance, and I long to live more freely and simply for Christ’s purposes.  In the end all that matters will be if we know and follow Christ and if we bring others to that saving knowledge.  Being with folks who are attempting to live this way, pierces my heart and I am longing to be able to use my talents in a broader way and to learn to focus on Christ more than the things of this earth.

If I had the opportunity to repack and head out on another trip tomorrow, I would be GONE!  God bless the disciple makers of SIM and others who give up their lives to live for Christ.     Charlotte