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KENYA 2014–Ken, as we prepare to go…

Why I'm going . . . Going to Kenya wasn't in my original plans. I was on the World Music Mission team that ministered to missionaries from the World Harvest Mission in Spain May/June 2013. After that I began preparing for what I thought was going to be the trip to Chile with WMM.  God had other plans, and the next thing I knew I was changing my plans to follow HIS plan. I am prayerfully trying to follow Jesus on this epic journey, and sometimes (I must admit) I don't like turning over the control to Him.  I have to trust that if it is His will, then the finances, planning, and travel will work according to His plan (again, not mine). So now as the trip approaches, I take a posture of ACTIVE waiting (praying, listening, etc.) for God to bring about all things on His schedule, and I eagerly wait to meet these amazing families from SIM.