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The Journey Deepens 2015--Joal

In a couple of weeks I'll have the pleasure of leading worship for a group of people who are sincerely searching. They're searching the mind and heart of God for direction in their own Missional Journeys, possibly  leading them into full-time service. The Journey Deepens retreat weekends happen across the US throughout the year and Carol Grever asked the World Music Mission for some help. These couples and single folks will quiet themselves and listen for a weekend that includes worship and counsel from people who have been there and done it all under the guidance of a mission agency.  Maybe this is EXACTLY what you've been needing in your own journey. The last weekend of March is the weekend in Farmington MI that I'll be helping the listeners listen.

What other events are coming up? And how can I register?

Just go to www.thejourneydeepens.com and click on Weekend Retreats. Select dates and locations and view the retreats you’re interested in. Then all you have to do is complete a participant registration form under the Weekend Retreats dropdown menu.

What if I have questions?  That’s easy! Just contact me!

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