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GREECE 2015--Marilyn Day 1

I just realized I have blood smeared on my hand - I smashed a mosquito on the wall of my room. My face has bites all over it! But I can tell you that mosquito bites have been the very worst part of this trip! The rest of it has been full of joy and grace! Where have I seen God? Playing "Nirtz" (a card game) with kids from South Africa who live in Mozambique and an English boy who lives in Pakistan. Talking to a lady who lived in Malawi for 10 years and now lives in Thailand ( did you know that less than a half of a percent of the people who live there are Christian? SIM has 45 missionaries living there. They come from countries as diverse as Korea, Ethiopia, and India). Sharing meals with people who are living in countries that are more home than the countries that they "come from". Fun fact: Some of the missionaries with SIM are veterinary doctors. It is a way for them to develop relationships with people and serve in a needed capacity in rural areas where they otherwise might not be welcome. And, I found a special connection with one couple whose name sounded familiar - turns out he was a prof at Wheaton College in the 80's in the Christian Education dept (my major at Wheaton - class of '76). I recognized his name from the alumni magazine! I feel like these people are all old friends I've just met! I see God and His love for all peoples, tongues and tribes in the lives and stories of these people. It is humbling to be a part of the story that God is writing around the world.

One of the things I have heard several people say is that one way you can know what is God's will is when you have such joy in what you are doing, that is His will. Taking care of these kids while their parents are in meetings is joy! It is easy, because it is what I love doing. (Of course, it is also tiring- Lynelle is sleeping this afternoon while I watch the kids. I napped earlier.). We have the kids in our care for about 6-8 hours each day. We have a "clubhouse" where we go for stories and games, a playground and lots of space to explore! Yesterday, we took them to the beach and went swimming and played for a couple of hours. We will probably do that again tomorrow. The food is authentic Greek food - delicious ! The sound of the ocean waves puts us to sleep at night. Well, it is time to put the phone down and play with the kids!

MArilyn Greece beach