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LONDON 2015 -- Randy on Day 3

Taught a basic audio class to a fine group of young people this afternoon at the New Life Masih Ghar Church. Explaining simple signal flow from microphone to speakers. They were very receptive and eager to learn. Feeling very privileged to share my knowledge with others around the world, all for the the glory of God and advancing His Kingdom!

Very blessed to worship today with this culturally diverse congregation. After the service we were treated to their usual after service meal of traditional Indian cuisine.  Very lovely and friendly people who are not shy about striking up a conversation with you. Like the 75 year old lady from Mumbai that moved to London in the 60's, who actually went to the states to take the Sonship course, to the Sikh woman introduced to me by Rose Marie Miller.

Tuesday I will go back to the church to check out their main speakers and install and equalizer and EQ the system. They seem to be lacking high end, maybe no high frequency driver.

It was a very good day! :-)