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GREECE 2015 – Lynelle…let’s get honest

This trip got the best of me… and I should only hope so! (The “situation” was no more than a 15 min. overtired but didn’t-want-to-go-to-bed-fit). I am honored to do what I get to do here and even at home–to take care of and dearly love children that God has placed in my path. I am especially humbled to know that I have the utmost trust of the parents of these amazing children. To genuinely care for and even dive into some of the hard places – just give a small respite and an opportunity for these giants in our faith a chance to connect, encourage and worship God with one another — is the least I can do. I only hope to have blessed them as much as they and their children have changed me.

Where I sit, right now–(so far) there has been one big “failure” which was when one assignment given to me didn’t end up quite as expected or even close to desired. When I came to comfort to one of the little ones, the situation exploded. When I came to usher in rest, there was nothing but chaos. When what I had to offer was SOOO not enough — it got the best of me…

There are so many ways that God has shown himself to me but this has been somewhat of the most profound– in the smack dab MIDDLE of my “failure” his kingdom was advancing. In the raw throws of my struggle someone was praying. In the center of the fight my heart was changed–it got the best of me.

When my moment looked completely hopeless, the purposes of God were profoundly moving forward. For the whole of the situation, the “battle” was fought to allow peace for the larger more significant work to take place. Both exactly synchronized moments looked completely different–but each were Holy and ordained. Neither was unimportant. Both required everything…It got the best of me. Take my life and let it be a consecration, Lord to Thee…ever only all for thee. My best- my worst- my all–I only hope, in the name of Jesus, that his call—will always get the best of me.