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UGANDA 2015 - Sheila 6-18-15

The second day of the conference is over already. What a thrill it is to hear that the sessions have had an impact and the numbers of people attending the sessions to learn keeps growing. We are teaching on a variety of subjects throughout the conference from Bible training and leadership to practical sessions in music, all related in some way to music. Yesterday and today the sessions including: Who Do we Worship, Authentic Leadership, How to Build a Team, Leading Worship, Learning Guitar, Learning Keyboard, Vocal Training, and Songwriting. Musicians, singers, dancers, leaders, and pastors all gathered together, eager to learn and soaking it up. Leaders have travelled from as far as the Congo and many different parts of Uganda.

The sessions fill the morning and afternoon with a few breaks to enjoy African style music and dance. Wow! What joy and passion in the music! So many have questions and want to give greetings that it is difficult to find a moment to eat some lunch, but I managed to squeeze in a quick bite. I thought it would be fun to try the goat, and it was really delicious!

We concluded the day with a planned session of songwriting with a few key Ugandan leaders and songwriters. I am so excited about the way that the song is coming together blending Ugandan and English and even some Swahili together with an African flavor to the music. The plan is to record the song here before we leave Uganda and also do a video of the song and singers on Monday. Some top song producers here have agreed to work on the song. We pray that God would give us the inspiration and unity to write and bring the results that He desires. 

Before breaking for the evening we had a meeting with the conference leaders discussing what went well and what we could improve for the next day. The schedule for tomorrow is as packed as today and it is already 11:30 pm here. Time to try to get some sleep, but I am so excited about the impact of the conference here and the potential and need for so much more work to be done. God is good to allow us to be part of all that He is doing!