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UGANDA 2015 - Sheila 6-19-15

Praise the Lord! Or in Ugandan, Mokama Yay...... What and encouraging time to be here! My day started out earlier this morning as a few of the students were asking for extra time to work on the songs that they are writing. The only time we could find was for them to come an hour earlier than the conference start time. That is not such an easy task here because of many traffic jams and they need to travel by “taxi” which is a Winnibego mini van packed with as many people as can possibly fit, bumping down overcrowded dusty roads. But they were so excited about learning all that they could in the conference that we had to find extra time. The songs are beautiful worship songs, expressing their hearts and I’m looking forward to hearing the finished projects. It was well worth the extra time working with them and they are coming early again tomorrow as well as a student who wanted help with learning vocal harmony. The days of the conference have gone by very quickly and the artists, worship leaders and pastors are extremely eager to learn. They are so excited that we could have this conference here and have said that they feel it is the start of very powerful things to come in Uganda.

It is quite amazing to me that the gospel artists here in Africa struggle with many of the same things that gospel artists struggle with in North America. Perhaps that shouldn’t surprise me but it does. The other thing that has been unexpected and a great blessing is to realize that God has brought us together with the leaders of East African Gospel and we have the same goals and the same heart for ministry. Although we live many thousands of miles away across land and ocean, language and cultural barriers, yet we have the same heart for Jesus and for ministry not just in this project but in the desire for continued ministry and training for artists, worship leaders and pastors.

The impact goes beyond the conference as well as one of the hotel workers asked me today to sit down to explain to him how to have a deeper relationship with God. He also sang a few songs for me that he has written when he was discouraged. Even though he told me he is not able to read, his “rap” style songs have good potential; they are catchy with good hooks and content. One of the leaders of EA Gospel has committed to continue to work with him and it will be wonderful to see what God does.

After the conference conclusion we continued to work on the song in Ugandan and English with some Swahili. It is coming together very well and I’m really excited about it. Tomorrow after the conference finishes we will head to the recording studio to record it and do a video on Monday. I believe that we are recording some video tomorrow with conference attendees here. Beside the hotel there is a beautiful garden that will be a great backdrop for our song. Looking forward to a wonderful day tomorrow.

Oh, and the lunch meal of goat yesterday was so good that I had to have that again today. Who needs to eat chicken anyway?