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UGANDA 2015 -- Kurt...review

The students came from many parts of Uganda and Africa. Some walked great distances, Some by bus for 12 hours and some from different states, all to get knowledge that they are thirsty for.  Most live very modest lives, can't access information and have very limited resources.  I am blessed to pass on the information that others have taught me about music and worship while living in Nashville/Franklin and Los Angeles. I have been reminded that God uses all we learn to bless others and grow His work in the earth.

Our charge to the students was to take the knowledge they were given, learn it and give it to others.  Our commitment to East African Gospel is to help them become an excellent training school for worship theology and music in East Africa.

Here is a list of the classes for the 100 students who attended:

Day 1-Building the Foundation: Who Do We Worship, Why is Worship Central, Intro to Music Theory, Biblical word Study on the words Praise and Worship, Songwriting. Guitar, Voice, Piano Lessons, Music Theory, Songwriting,

Day 2-Leadership: Authentic Leadership, How to build a Team, Leading Worship, The Strategic Leader, Guitar, Piano, Voice and Dance Lessons, Music Theory, Songwriting IMG_2461

Day 3-Music Ministry and Business: Using Music to share the Gospel, Music Business Intro (long class and discussion), Songwriting, Guitar, Piano, Voice, Music Theory, Evangelism classes. Video Filming for song written by Kurt, Sheila and the team from East African Gospel.

Day 4-The Heart and Art of the Worshipper: Worship In the Tabernacle, Word study on singers and musicians in the bible, time of prayer and worship, African Heritage of music, music theory and songwriting. recap of the week and then dismisal.

I wrote this post because I wanted you, the readers, to know the depth and intensity of the week. We really only scratched the surface during this visit. We are praying and asking you to pray with us for much more teaching to be done by WMM and East African Gospel to the leaders in Uganda.  Why? Sothat God's love and message can been sent all over East Africa through Music and the Arts to a hungry people thirsty for knowledge, that will enable them to better shine Jesus.  Kurt