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UGANDA 2015--Kurt...Recording

Monday and Tuesday we spent recording a song that was written with the team members of World Music Mission and East Africa Gospel. It was a great pleasure to see the song turn out so well.  We spent a short amount of time over three nights and the investment paid off. It has multiple African languages and English words and has a very strong African feel. We then went into the studio and produced the song. We also shot a wonderful video in many parts of the City of Kampala.


The students and team at East Africa Gospel worked so hard to make it happen. I took the time to do a lot of mentoring and producing. Many of the artists had not spent time in a studio where a producer from outside of Uganda was working with them. So it was a different take on producing. They really were appreciative of the opportunity and were all ears. I am just grateful to train people with what I have been blessed to do. I have worked with many great musicians and producers in the studio and passed on what I know. Of course, God was right there with us teaching us all.

We spent time dreaming with East Africa Gospel about how they could get a studio operating in their offices so that the costs of recording could go down. It is difficult to record there just like in the USA because of costs. A good part of the conference discussed how Artists and Worship leaders need to record but struggle to make it happen. They will pray with us for the equipment and for the people to produce the music. First and foremost, they will be looking for hearts that want to serve God by serving others.

I have a goal of recording music in every country I train. And we did it. East Africa Gospel stepped up. It is so important to teach these skills so that the music of hope gets out to the people of Uganda.  Kurt