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BELIZE 2015 2.0--Tito We war against principalities....

When someone tells you that they are going on a missions trip, the typical thought that crosses your mind is probably, “Oh, like going to help a poor remote village?” or “going to help build 4 walls or do a VBS?” And for the most part that’s what people do. People sign up to go on a trip to bring back pictures of how God used them to touch the lives of the kids in a village that doesn’t have running water. And while all of that is good, most of what we do as missions work, never creates a solution for the people that actually stay behind after we’ve gone back to our homes.

What I love about what we’re doing with the World Music Mission is that we’re not here to build walls, do a VBS or help run an evangelism program. We are here to help build people. We are literally creating disciples. I won’t lie….this is not easy because this means I have to give myself away. No bones about it. As I am writing this, its 11:30pm on our travel day. We’ve already had a couple of meetings with the core team here in Orange Walk Town, Belize and I’m tired. I got up at 4:30 this morning to be able to catch my flight. I know God’s doing something here…not just here…but in my life as well. This you can say is a trust God kind of trip. My wife and I were down to one car (hers) while we look for a second one after the minivan’s engine went out. Today is Thursday…on Tuesday night, I’m about less than a minute away from my house after picking up my daughter from a birthday party when all of a sudden, I get hit from the side. A young man slammed into the back of an oncoming car and that car slammed into the side of my car. The only car we have left for transportation. One day before I have to get on a plane to fly outside the country.

One of the police officers that responded to the 911 calls said that its a miracle that for a 3 car accident AND for the amount of damage that all 3 cars had, no one was injured. He said that in cases like this they typically have at least one person injured and have to take them to the hospital. You may be thinking that this guy is nuts for going on this trip when that just happened, but I see it as, I would be nuts not to go on this trip after this accident because we war not against flesh and blood but against every principality in the heavenly places.

I know that God has a plan. He’s always had a plan. I just have to decide to walk in it. Regardless of what I think that plan should be.