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BELIZE 2015 2.0--David: Progress made in 6 months

Today was a great day.  We spent time running through songs and doing a concert with a few musicians in that church.  We ended up with a bass player,  keyboard player,  and singer from Fuente Vida church with me on drums, with Rob from our team on guitar and Tito on vocals. Tito is a really good bass player, but he wanted Fuente Vida's bass player, named Issac to play instead. We were able to encourage Issac to play along with the patterns I was playing on my kick drum, which seems like a no brainer, but is not always the case for all young players.

It was also really  cool for me to return to Belize this week after being here only 6 months ago and see the progress that the bass player Issac and drummer Immer have made since we our last trip here. The private lessons that we gave these young men not only helped them in their playing and technique,  but also helped them in their desire to serve the Lord with their talents and to do so with even more excellence. This was the first time I have been able to return to the same WMM trip so soon, and today really impacted me as to how God is so faithful to multiply our small fishes and loaves and use them for such an abundant return for His Glory. I'm already excited to see how these young men in the church, that we have been able to connect with, will develop and grow as capable leaders in their church and community and on the worship teams on which they serve.