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BELIZE 2015 2.0--Rob--what an awesome day!

July 12, 2015 Location: Orange Walk, Belize

What an awesome day! We were definitely blessed again today. If I had to attach a theme or a word to our day, it would be "unity". As usual, our day started out with a fantastic breakfast with Armando and his family at their small restaurant. They are such a great family and we have really enjoyed getting the opportunity to sit down and really get a chance to break some bread together. What a blessing it is to be able to sit around a table while sharing a tasty meal and just laugh and have really good biblical discussions. I think that I can speak for the team when I say that we have all some times of self reflection. There have been many times through out the last couple of days that we all shared how thankful that we are for what we have but also thankful for the opportunity to leave it for a short time to do the work of the Lord.

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After breakfast we headed to the church where we had the honor of leading a leadership conference for several of the local church leaders. The focus was on Acts 2:42-47. We discussed the early church and what it looked like then and compared it to what the church looks like now. We also focused on several leadership principles that are very important but easily forgotten. The Fountain of Life (the church that we are partnering with here in Belize) is really focusing their prayer on growth and exactly what that looks like for them. We were able to share personal experiences with the church leaders about both good experiences and errors that we have made and have seen within ministry. It was a powerful time as well because some of the questions really opened up some time for some dialogue between the group. For example, when is a church plant not considered a church plant anymore? Is there a certain number of members that it has to surpass in order for the church plant gets to "upgrade"their status? And with this question in mind, we were asked if a growing church can still practice the principles of the early church? After all, when the church started there were only the apostles!

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After the conference we rested a bit and prepared ourselves for another small concert in the church. We had an awesome turnout was great and our time of worship was spirit filled!! The music, dances, and testimonies that were given this evening were just so fitting for the day. The team had a great time just playing music and working together with the church members who are responsible for the equipment and teaching them all how to use and set up the new equipment that they now own. It has truly been a great day and I pray that tomorrow will be an even better one.

I am amazed by God’s compassion and love. My time here personally has really reassured me on many things. First, my life is  NOT my own but it is God’s. My life is to be used by God in whatever way he wants to use me. I pray that I will never stop serving God and that my relationship with him will keep growing stronger and stronger everyday. He is so amazing. Secondly, when I feel His true love fully I am not the same and I will never be the same again. I encourage all who are followers of Christ to dive into Him as deeply as you are able to. He will always have you in His hands and He will always protect you. Trust in God with all of your heart for he will make your path straight.

My new Belizian brothers and sisters know the Lord beyond just what they’ve been told about Him: They have a relationship which guides their hands and feet. They have the Holy Spirit who is giving them to all truth. They have a Heavenly Father who loves them, and because they understand His love, they are able to freely give it out. They don’t have all the answers to life's questions, and I know they won’t claim to know everything about the Lord, but they have everything they need as they continue to trust and obey that which the Lord has called them to do.