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INDIA--Who's up for some time in Bangalore?

After traveling for 13 years to 257 nations & breaking 6 World Records, God gave Benny Prasad a new direction to end his World travels by Mar. 2015 and build a 400 seater Cafe in Bangalore, India to reach out to the college students who are depressed, lonely & suicidal.


WHAT IS CHAI316?:  Chai means life in Hebrew and 3:16 refers John 3:16 which talks about eternal life. There are 808 million young people below the age of 35 in India. Sadly Bangalore has been the suicide capital for quite sometime. One of the main reasons is because of the educational and parental pressures. Most of the time the value of the child in our culture is based on their academic report, hence these days a lot them are not able to keep up to the expectations of their families, resulting in suicidal tendencies. We hardly have any counseling centers but every corner has a tuition center. This shows that education is valued more than life itself. Chai316 is a non-commercial, 400 seater café, where only Chai is served and the price of the Chai is decided by the students. Volunteers from different spheres of the society from all over the world come here to serve as waiters and waitresses. Our goal here is – 80% listening and 20% talking, if needed. As we listen to the problems of the students, our goal is to value them, and love them, the way Jesus loves us. Monday thru Thursday, it runs as a café. On Friday, it turns into a concert hall, part of it is to enhance new talents. On Saturday it turns into a movie theatre, and after the end of the movie students are divided into small groups. We pick a value from the movie, discuss and conclude what the Bible teaches about the value. On Sunday afternoon, we will have a Church service, especially focused towards the youths. We also have a music school, with a special emphasis for children below the age of 15. We have 9 rooms that can accommodate 18 full time staff and 7 rooms that can accommodate 30 people who come on short-terms trips. One of the best parts of the café is the toilets designed around musical themes.

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REQUIREMENTS - 1) Have a passion to reach out to youths, 2) Fluent in English, 3) Willing to give 6 months to 1 year commitment, 4) Must not smoke or drink alcohol, 5) Food & Accommodation will be provided at Chai316 but for personal expenses, each one of us have to raise our own finances, 6) Have a servant heart, from cleaning toilets to counselling the youths.

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For more info please contact strong>dr.bennyprasad@gmail.com  I  www.chai316.com  I  www.facebook.com/chai316