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Building Relationships

Our family has now been in Southall for 6 months. It seems like only yesterday that we were trying to find our way in this strange new world, fresh off the airplane and waiting for our shipping container to arrive. In that time we have been very blessed by the relationships we have developed with some very special people.

One family, the Mahi family, has been especially important in our lives. This Asian family of Christians came from a Sikh background and has been involved with our church family here for several years. On the first full night we were here in Southall, they showed up and welcomed us into the neighborhood by inviting us into their nearby home and feeding us an amazing home-cooked Indian meal. Since then they have helped us in more ways than we can count, from showing us the best shops to get the best deals, to explaining the myriad of cultural differences that we deal with daily, to bartering in Punjabi to help us get the best prices on the Southall Broadway. The have really been a God-send to our family.

In August they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with a grand party and dinner. We were honored to be invited to this very special event. The above picture is from that night. Our family dressed in traditional Asian finery as a show of respect to our friends. It was an amazing night of food, music and dancing and probably the most fun our family has had since we have been here in London. We are extremely thankful to have this special family in our lives here.


Recently we connected with two other special families through the school that Aja and Koa attend. First is a Polish Mom & daughter that we met. We talk to them often at school and spent an afternoon with them at a local Polish restaurant where they guided us through our first experience with Polish food. We loved it! It was a great afternoon for all of us.

Another special meal for us recently involved inviting a Muslim family that we have gotten to know recently over to our house for Taco Tuesday. We bought Halal meat, which is proper for Muslims to eat, and made a taco bar. They had never had tacos before and really enjoyed the food. We had a really nice time of fellowship and friendship around the table and are looking forward to doing it again soon.

These are just a few of the very special people that we have been blessed to get to know in our first six months here in Southall.


– Temple will be starting two new MusicTots classes this week. She will offer the first classes of the session for free to get folks to try out the class. Then she will run ten-week sessions for two different classes. Please join us in prayer for lots of sign-ups and students for both of these classes as well as things moving forward at a potential new location for a third class opening up soon.

– Brent just started teaching Year 7 (11-12 year olds) Music classes two days a week at Cranford Community College. This is a new and exciting opportunity to generate some needed income, connect with the community and add some local credibility to the Asha Music Project classes which will be starting soon. Please pray for movement on the AMP School of Rock and that Brent can adjust to being called “Sir” all day by students and staff at the school.




Our biggest prayer need right now is for provision. We are living month-to-month now and are taking less and less as a salary from our mission funds. This is a leap of faith that we will be able to make up the difference with UK money earned in tent-making. We would ask for prayers concerning more supporters coming on board in the States and that our mission fund would grow, rather than shrink, as it is doing now. Our mission fund is critical for our ability to stay here and serve in the U.K.

We are excited to see our tent-making efforts getting up some steam, but we still need support from home, now more than ever. We would ask now that you prayerfully consider how you might be able to help us financially in this very important time for our ministry here in London.

If you would like to support our family in this effort financially, click the link below to partner with us.