Equipping musicians for missionary service
Tuesday, April 23, 2019 1-615-477-3525


While one WMM posse is in Nepal doing great work, Brent and Temple Cundall have been leading the WMM representation and leading worship at the 63rd annual--that's right 63 consecutive years--World Missions Conference at First Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, TN. They are being ably assisted by some great Nashville players including Daniel Thompson and Jamie Rogan, and even yours truly. So, here's God in the details--I ended up needing to work in Tennessee this week--there were no plans 7 days ago for this, but it came together quickly. Brent knew I was in TN just not certain WHERE in TN. Today, the acoustic guitar player he had lined up had to cancel unexpectedly and I get a text asking where I am--can I play tonight? I am able to re-route no trouble and get there 15 minutes before the service to sit in and play some standard WMM pieces. Now--God in the details even further--in the congregation I spy W and his lovely wife C (remaining unnamed purposely) who I first met years ago while on a WMM team in East Africa--WHOA!! And after the service a lovely lady, Sharon (also tonight's band photographer), comes up to me to thank me for my tune "Collapse" which she heard on line from a Christ Community Church service years ago--double WHOA!! When I woke this morning, I planned to work my regular job and that only. But I've learned that the Holy Spirit moves in some wonderfully mysterious ways!!