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BELIZE 2016 -- David Burch

This weekend in Belize has been amazing. We spent much of Friday working out bugs in the church sound system and giving several of the church youth music lessons. I was responsible for drums, and the other guys from our team taught guitar, keyboard, bass, and vocals. The kids were really eager to learn and seemed really interested in developing their skills. We also did a worship concert in a nearby town Friday night that was a pretty isolated location from what we would consider civilization. About 50 people showed up and man, they were worshiping the Lord!

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Saturday was more equipping and training and that evening we gave a worship concert in the town square in Orange Walk. Many people gathered to hear the music, testimony by our local brother George, and a gospel message and invitation by pastor Alberto. I saw a few people who were listening nearby that were crying they were so moved by what they heard.

Sunday was a celebration at the church. We played the worship music for the church service alongside several of the local church musicians. Our own Rob Gonzales brought the message and also led the church body in prayer over the pastor and his family. They stood in the front of the santuary while we laid hands on the them and prayed. There were a lot of tears as the pastors family has been through many stresses and health issues that they have been struggling with.

This was my 3rd trip to Belize in a year, and I already can't wait to come back! God is really moving there and it has been encouraging to see how much the Lord has done there as well as the progression and growth of the church in a years time.]]></content:encoded>