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BELIZE 2016--Rob Gonzales...Days 1 and 2

Day 1 -Thursday
By the grace of God I arrived in Belize and went through customs, which wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. Grabbing my bags, I headed out to meet our Charlie Joe and the rest of the guys of our team (David B, David Y, Steven, Paul, and Dan) who had arrived just a little before me. Once we linked up at the airport, we headed towards Orange Walk. We were able to stop and break bread together as a team on the way into the village. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord can place the right people at the right time. From the very beginning of our time together, I truly felt that God would use this team in great ways during the 5 days that we would spend in Belize. After discussing the schedule for the weekend we all checked into the hotel and headed straight for bed. Tomorrow is tbe the beginning of Gods mission for our trip.

Day 2 -Friday
Bright and early the team got up, and headed to Pastor Alberto’s home for breakfast and then pushed on to the church (Fountain of Life). Our plan, once arriving to the church, was to hold a worship conference that would last for a couple of hours then break from our teachings and work with the church's musicians to choose songs and then rehearse them for the Worship service that we would have in the small neighboring town of Douglas. The small conference (teaching time) was really focused on Worship and a few of the basic principles that are needed when you are on a worship team. Pastor Dave followed up my teaching with some great verses out of the book of Psalms and then Paul closed out of time with some super leadership points out of the book of Nehemiah. Overall, we dedicate about 4 hours to the preparation of our worship set for the Douglas service. The plan was to set out for for the neighboring town at 4:30pm to start the service at 6:00pm. If I can be honest, it got a little scary earlier in the day with out sound equipment.

belize 2016 2

During our rehearsal time, we were experiencing some major issues with speakers cutting out for no reason. We had a piano that would also cut out in the middle of a song for no reason at all. We had microphones that were causing a lot of feedback and it just was not a good and optimistic thing to see just hours before a service. So I did the only thing that I knew to do..... I called our host, missionary pastor Charlie Joe, over to where I was standing and asked if he would pray with me over the equipment. I know that it may seem like a strange thing to pray over but let me just tell you a couple of facts...First, nothing is ever to petty to pray for or over and second, other than a little feed back from one mic (it only happened because the vocalist stood to close to the speaker), the equipment issues were resolved by God's desire to have us accomplish this mission. Nothing went wrong with the equipment that  evening. In fact, what did happen is that the Holy Spirit was so present in that building that we literally brought a light fixture down from the ceiling!!