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BELIZE 2016--Rob Gonzales...Day 5 and into Glory...

Today I am compelled to share about what this team has been through to be here in Belize. It has been an honor to serve with each individual on this team. We all come from different parts of the country with all different levels of skills in music but the one thing that we have in common is our love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We were all called by God to meet in Belize and continue the vision and mission of God for this country. This trip has been filled with more that just sacrificing time from our families and careers. I want you all to know that our brother Dan received a call, while waiting in Dallas during his lay over, that his 30 year old nephew had passed away suddenly. He shared this news with me the night that we arrived in Belize. When he shared the news with me my heart broke for his family but at the same time I realized just how faithful Dan was to his calling for this trip!! I realized that he could have changed his plans and returned home to be with his family without judgement from anyone. But he did not. Instead he decided to get on to the plane in Dallas and complete the mission in Belize. What a testimony to the strength that God gave this man to endure the next few days away from the reality that awaited him back home. I quickly learned the heart of this man.

I had also learned earlier that first day that our brother David's 7 year old niece, Lyla,  had been placed in hospice the day before getting on the plane to head to Belize. Again, another one of our team members found themselves in a position to return home to comfort his brother, sister in law, and their children during this difficult time. But yet, it was his faith and his personal relationship with Christ that made his decision to push forward on  to Belize.

I have been so blessed to have been part of this trip with this team. I have witnessed good Christian men make tough decisions to finish the race because that's what they felt that they were being called to do. They both believe in the mission of WMM and all that God wants to do through it!!


I want to close this entry by sharing with you all that are reading this.... David learned just a couple of hours ago that his niece had passed away. His sweet little niece, Lyla, has gone home to be with Jesus.  I am so grateful for finding this group of guys through this experience. This is a group of men who rallied around our heart broken brother and just prayed for peace and comfort for him and his family. We will be leaving Belize tomorrow to head back to our own areas of the country...and although we are separated by hundreds and hundreds of miles, our friendship and love for each other through Christ is bonded together for as long as we have breath in our lungs. AMEN!