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AUSTRIA-David--The journey concludes

I'm about the depart from a downtown Salzburg flat for the airport.  On Thursday we had a sweet time of worship in the morning, then I took a train to Kragenfurt to get a car, which I needed to get to Kaprun yesterday for my "adventure" day.  I got back in time for my work "day," which was thankfully flexible and not very full of meetings.

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At one of the times of worship we sang the old praise song "I Love You, Lord," and after singing it in English someone spontaneously started singing it in French and a surprising number joined in.  It was a very nice moment for me to be led by them since ethnomusicology and other languages are not my strong suit.  I even tried to look up the lyrics to Amazing Grace in Korean since there is a Korean couple, but it was too confusing for me to know what to display.

We had many more tender moments where those gathered could sing with all their might, pray for one another, their countries, and read scripture together.  In the evening session - our last - they thanked me along with the speakers with a gift bag and card filled with meaningful thanks and encouragement.  Having these times of worship has been so important to them, and I trust a great source of fuel to keep their zeal burning as they return to their fields of service.

Many requested that I sing some songs in the cafe (in the castle) later on Thursday, and my work schedule and voice permitted, so we had an impromptu concert filled with both silly (songs like Crashville - several people were from Nashville or had Nash family connections), somber, and spiritual songs (some worship songs that lent themselves well to presentation).  The room seemed so appreciative and responded well to my song stories and devotional encouragements.  I heard several say things like "what a treat."  I'm sure that most of them can't see that kind of "event" where they are serving.

Yesterday, Friday, I had the recreational day of my life.  I drove to Kaprun where I picked up a rental motorcycle and drive the High Alpine Road all day.  The scenery was so moving that I was literally crying in my helmet!   I love riding and vistas, so this was about the most enjoying thing I could do on the planet.  This section of the Alps is more beautiful even than the Canadian Rockies (which I have seen).

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Highly recommended as a "bucket list" item if you love mountains.  You can see some videos I posted by lashing my phone to the front of my jacket here -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdy9pgk5fsI&list=PL1w31JTv6MfW95G7lUJSHqIIsJMVM8fkp&index=4

As you read this I'll probably be on a plane, so please pray for safe and timely travels.  See some of you soon!

For Christ and His church, David.