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ZIMBABWE-Wendy Tuesday

Wendy--Tuesday 8-9-16: Things are going well. "This is Africa"--Sometimes Pastor Walter says, "This is Africa." My this-is-Africa thing today was the water. For the first couple of days, it would be off in the afternoon but on in the morning and evening, so it was no big deal. However, one day it was off for over 24 hours. This was long enough for our huge bucket of water, which is saved for necessities like flushing and hand washing, to be used up. What do you do when your huge bucket is empty? This was the day that I was planning to bathe but the bath simply had to be postponed. Again, no big deal. The next day, the water was on and as I bathed, I thought about how wonderfully warm (it is winter in Zimbabwe, and the evenings are chilly) and clean I felt. I don't waste a lot of water at home, but when I turn on the tap, water always comes out, and I even get hot water whenever I want, just by turning on the tap. Not surprisingly, the water situation here on Africa is different from what I am used to. I haven't learned the rhythm of how it goes yet. It is a new awareness of life is different around the world...TIA. There's a new appreciation dawning on me.

Now, the bath was "wonderfully warm", but the hospitality Walter and Ella and their family have given us is even more wonderfully warm!!!! The students also have welcomed us with open arms. They are already great musicians (you should hear them sing!!) but they want to expand their skills and they work very hard to that end. They are very keen to learn, and then use their skills leading in their churches and teaching others. We are enjoying being here and working with everyone, and are praying for God's work to be done here.