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UGANDA--Brian and Badru

Praise the Lord! For me there has been two highlights of our trip. The first thing was being able to hear the young kids of East African Gospel celebrate the Goodness of God in there own Language and in English. The second thing was our visitation to Mekere University. Now this was very powerful.  The students were so gentle but yet powerful when they spoke about the Glories of God. Their worship was authentic and their songs held deep meaning. We was escorted around campus by a young man named Badru Senfuka and he was such a great hostess. I meet Badru on our first journey to Uganda and our relationship has be strong ever since.  I finally got to here some Ugandan preaching. The young man that ministered to us at the college his name was Micheal. He spoke about the importance of dying to the flesh and I believe he did a great job. The message was simple yet clear. These college students are so serious about their love relationship with God. Samson and the EA Gospel Academy has made a milestone connection by partnering with the University. East African Gospel has an extremely bright future.