Equipping musicians for missionary service
Wednesday, February 19, 2020 1-615-477-3525

Natalie goes to Durban

I’ve returned from my first WMM adventure to Durban, South Africa. I was given the opportunity to lead music at SIM’s South Africa conference focusing on rest and renewal. Each and every SIM missionary I met were a gift and blessing, encouraging to me for a variety of reasons, especially in how welcoming they were of me in to their own SIM family while we all attended this conference together. It was a representation to me of the global body of Christ. In light of their conference being a time to rest and renew, many expressed their gratitude for having someone outside of their SIM community come in to lead music. It took a “burden” off them and allowed all the missionaries attending to “just show up” and worship our living God. I heard from a handful of the missionaries who were themselves musicians, as to how this was a blessing, to get a time to pause, a break from a normal routine (often of leading music themselves), and solely focus on connecting with and worshipping the Lord. I, myself, being a music leader Sunday to Sunday know this freeing feeling of just showing up and getting to sing whilst totally focused on the Lord. Leading can hold its distractions, from thinking of keys or transitions or tempos… Yes, it IS an enormous gift to know the ins and outs of all the theory and be in the sacred position of leading music in worship, serving the church, but it is also a gift to give this time to “just worship” to those who are weary. The simplicity of showing up, being with the Lord — to see Him, and to sing to Him. I led by keyboard and vocal, and thanks to WMM funds, the keyboard I used was donated to a nearby music academy in Port Shepstone, South Africa. Some photos of the keyboard with music students follow, as they show the group are very grateful! The academy recently lost a great amount of their instruments due to some flooding and were very appreciative to receive such a kind gift. This trip serving SIM SA was a gift to me as well. Thank you for the opportunity to go and serve others with music in worship to our Lord of all the nations - something I am passionate about. What a blessing World Music Mission is in this way of serving - may the Lord continue to bless and use WMM.