Equipping musicians for missionary service
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  • Alan from Charleston to Atlanta to Belize City, David from Nashville to Dallas where he met up with me on to Belize City...to then all be met and picked up by Pastor Charlie Joe Green and on to Orange Walk City, Belize to begin the weekend of teaching and exploring.

  • On Friday me, drummer buddy and WMM veteran David Burch and new-to-WMM bass player and worship leader (from the gorgeous beach city of Charleston) Alan Blunt all make our way to Belize to work with Mission Belize and Pastor Charlie Joe Green and many local pastors and musicians.

  • Brazil 2014 was incredible! On Tuesday November 11th I arrived from Chile while Sheila Ann Smith arrived from Canada and Byron Spradlin flew in from the U.S. We were greeted by our hosts for the week, Ben Price, Wostenes Santos and Stenu. These brothers were full of love and we knew we were in for a great week. We drove 5 hours from the Airport at Recife to Campina Grande. After a quick dinner it was off to bed.

    On Day 2 we enjoyed each others company and began tightening up details about the upcoming conference. During the first few hours it became clear that our hosts were instruments of God...

  • Kurt led Pastor Franklin's congregation in a translated version of Kurt's song "Go Therefore".


  • One of the musicians most directly affected by Kurt's ministry in Chile...meet Daniel.


  • World Music Mission's Director of Worship spent time in November in Chile then Brazil training musicians to lead and write worship songs in their own languages and styles. Pastor Franklin in Chile expressed his thankfulness for the help, instruction and investment.


  • The purpose of this write up is to get thoughts, stories, and personal feelings down on paper of my recent trip to Nepal with ACT ministries. The main focus of this paper is to tell about God’s work in Nepal and my experiences with it. I will not focus much on differences between the US and Nepal, but will mention them where applicable.

    Our mission team included me, Randy Gardner, and David Ward. Randy and I have audio engineering backgrounds; both of us have worked in churches doing this, while Randy has an extensive background in recording work as well. Dave was our musician on this trip. He...