Equipping musicians for missionary service
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  • This is all so surreal. God is unfolding so many things that he has confirmed to me the last few years. I would have never thought this time last year that I would now be going on a mission trip. But then again, it has been my prayer for several years for him to increase my territory. These past few years, God has infused me with so much insight and prophetic gifting in the form of dreams and revelations. Too much to be contained, I felt a burning desire through my music, motivational speaking, and other gifts to give to others what I have been given and to share some of these insights (with t...

  • The Lord has been shaking up my life for the past several years.  He is making the things I thought I needed in my life less important, and making the things He desires from my life more evident.  I’m trying to follow His will for my life, which is why I am going to Spain with the World Music Mission. Ken Broadway

  • A beautiful note was sent our way from Bob Osborne, the Executive Director of World Harvest Mission on why the World Music Mission is being invited (again) to their conference in Spain.

    It is difficult to find words to describe the deep blessing the WHM family experiences when they lift their hands and hearts in worship together. I can see tears streaming down the faces of our staff as they join with 250 others worshiping God in their own heart language. I see our staff praying together as brothers and sisters united as family around His throne. This is a precious time that only happens every ...

  • As the WMM’s Spain team begins its journey together, we wanted the WMM supporters to begin to get to know some of the team. Meet Ken Broadway, the drummer who will keep our Spain team in time.

  • On Friday, August 26th 2011, my family and I set out for a Vision Casting mission trip to London, England. Specifically to serve with the World Harvest team in Southall, or Little India, in southwest London. The reason for the trip was to ascertain the realities and possibilities of our family signing on for a long-term, 5 year assignment with World Harvest in that area. We learned a lot, made many new friends and had a wonderful time in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

  • This is amazing to be here in Kenya. We have taken the luggage to our rooms and I have unpacked my suitcases. I laid down for a few minutes to rest, but who can sleep when there is a whole new world and people to meet?

  • In January 2010, the WMM sent a short-term team to Nairobi, Kenya to lead worship for the SIM/Sudan Spiritual Life Conference. The team led worship for 70 missionaries and their families, many of whom are serving long-term in Sudan.