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  • Today marked the halfway point of the World Music Mission Kampala Conference. We have seen such a great response already from everyone involved. Another busy day of teaching and breakout groups was in store for today.

    Before all the action started, however, I had a mini-adventure in the early hours of the day. I was awake early again, which has been a regular occurrence this week. At first, I thought I would just take a walk around the hotel grounds, and leave my camera behind. But as I began my stroll, I took an unexpected turn. I decided to leave the hotel, and explore at least a little bit ...

  • The second day of the World Music Mission Conference is in the books. Our team gathered together late last night to discuss what worked and how we could improve on the first day. I’m pleased to say that we put our ideas into action and had a successful day! We saw many new faces today, and again the Spirit of God was among us.

    wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0001_160922 wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0002_160922

    Pastor Brian built on the foundation he laid yesterday on the topic of discipleship. I especially appreciated his analogy of walking alongside another person. It was a powerful visual example of what true discipleship looks like: putting our arm around a fellow brother...

  • The first day of the World Music Mission Kampala Conference was a big success. It passed like a blur, but many awesome moments took place, and God was definitely among us!

    Things have been going at a fast pace, with lots of students attending and lots of responsibilities for each of our team members. I’ll have to let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

    wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0002_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0010_160921

    We started off the conference with a spirited time of worship music. Africans know how to do it right.

    wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0033_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0018_160921

    Kurt kicked off the teaching with a class on songwriting, and another on the Biblical Heritage of Musicianship. The students seemed t...

  • Day 2: Press conference and more teacher  training --We started the day off with a press conference to discuss the upcoming worship and music workshop. The conference goals were discussed and why we are doing the conference was answered.

    Next it was off to the school to meet with a group of 20 students who we are developing as teachers. We have a group of hungry students that want to learn and want to teach. Our job is to find out which ones have the gift to teach.  Guitar, Songwriting as a Tool to Learn Music Theory and Vocal Technique we're the subjects we taught the students.

    In the evening...

  • Day 1: Teacher training: Greetings from Kurt from beautiful Kampala Uganda. The music and worship training conference for the public will be held from Wednesday until Saturday, so from now (Sunday) until Tuesday we will be training the teachers from the EA Music Academy who will lead the school into the future.

    The team from the U.S. started the day in our familiar Ugandan home of Batavia hotel, having a coffee. We then traveled to meet one of the leaders of the schools family, Ssali Brian. His family consists of about 15 people, most of which are displaced children from his community. The ch...